David Prati
Product Designer @Deezer

🙋‍♂️   Available in January 2018

I am a UX/UI designer with 6 years of experience in web and product industry. I used to work in web agencies as Digital Art Director and Front-end Developer, and am currently working at the streaming music platform Deezer.

I see design as global, requiring multiple skills: tech and architecture comprehension, common sense, but also empathy, curiosity, open-mindedness and adaptation. To me, the biggest part of design is invisible. It’s about space, information architecture, feelings, and not only interfaces or objects.

Keeping that in mind, I try to make viable as well as easy-to-update things by creating use cases, scenarios, mockups and prototype for user testings and iteration. I try to make viable and easy-to-update things.

To do all this, I use Sketch, Framer, Illustrator, inVision, Visual Code, Transmit, Notion.


When I'm not in open-spaces, I love working on side projects, alone or with friends. It allow me to explore other aspects of the tech world such as global strategy, user acquisition or front/back-end development.

I always look for meaning and positive impact in my work. It’s not a easy thing, because business is business, the more so as in the tech world, there always is this easy way as to become a solutionist. But I believe that with great power comes great responsibility. (Thanks Uncle Ben!)

I’m inspired by everyday life and short experiences (spatial design, services…), politics and society, readings.

Finally, I’m available for freelance projects so feel free to get in touch, for work or just to organize next revolution.

I improve my skills and sharpen my personnality thanks to friends or colleagues (or both), so hi to Romain, Baptiste, Julien and Julien.